If Only

April 15, 2012
By thesunnyshadow SILVER, Pune, Other
thesunnyshadow SILVER, Pune, Other
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If only you knew how it feels,
to wake up every morning and see,
that even if I fall on my knees,
you will never really love me.
If only you knew how much it really hurts,
to see you loving her,
and all this while i wait in the background,
like behind man a shadow lurks.
If only you saw that she just won't,
understand you the way i do,
And no matter how much you tell me I'm your best girl,
I'm always gonna feel alone.
If only you would let me explain,
The things you never let me say,
So that i wouldn't look so bad to you,
going through all this pain.
If only the days didn't seem like years,
Its so hard to wait,
for you to realize and return,
for me,its never too late.
If only I could live the past again,
if only this beautiful thing didn't end,
if only i could confess that i love you,
even though you were just my best friend.
if only

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