Death on the Beach After a Cognizant realization

April 15, 2012
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This is for those tired of dying
Tired of riding this tide,
like land wasn't a sure thing
On the beach we landed there stood a cross

It was burning with hateful white robes huddled around it
We died on that beach, burned alive
We tried to strive for love
but got washed up

So we filled our time saying simple stuff like 'sup' and 'hbu'
I swear I wanted to discuss how beautiful you looked two days ago with your hair up, but...
I couldn't find the right segway into what I wanted to say

We are dying love, So let's find ease in simple answers so these cancers might seem less serious
Maybe I'll be less delirious when you look away in a crowd
and your hair looks great

I know the hipster image affects the way you say okay but it cuts deep enough to hit a nerve
I will myself past these transgressions

and with that will I have the power to love you and myself

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