More Than Just a Smile

April 15, 2012
By amandaa SILVER, Lysekil, Other
amandaa SILVER, Lysekil, Other
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From a far away distance, I spot you… and you set my mind wandering off, uncontrollably.

My thoughts now untamed…. Completely and utterly unstoppable.
Even beyond the horizon, it’s infectious and I’m forceless, but I don’t mind.

That such a tiny action, such a tiny movement,
Can make me shine up as much as the shiniest jewel,
Feeling so treasured and at ease.

I too, rise along with the corners of your cheek… Shimmer like those perfect pearls of yours.
I hear you speak to me, without even whispering a word, luring closer to my soul.
I lose myself deep in your eyes, not ever wanting to find my way out,
But if you do want me again, let your smile light my way.

You disarm me with every step that you closer get,
I dream of the sanctuary of your love,
You set me free, lingering in your soul.

Warm and bright like the gleaming sun, vast and great like the oceans,
You make it all worthwhile,
With your heartwarming, yet quirky smile, you simply set everything straight.

The author's comments:
A poem written for English class, the theme or inspiration being "FEEL GOOD."

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