the bettering of each fall

April 14, 2012
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Life is one of those thing that gets handed to us we are expected to be strong all the time and know what to do always but. The truth of it all is when we are in times of sadness or hurt in those time are the most critical time when your are tested of your strength because every human falls and gets scars but those scars are just going to be faded scare tissues when we are older and when we recover from
falling we are one hundred and ten percent better than what we were before and after each scrape and fall we get up from when we are old we will be one thousand present more of an person than what we are now so all thing have an purpose an meaning for it the only problem is we are not at that one thousand present yet to know what was the purpose of the fall but an fall is only an fall and we will get back up again and be an better person.

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