True You

April 14, 2012
Dear You,
I haven't told you I loved you
But I'm sure you heard it before
I make sure to give you a hug
Because you are insecure
Your hair and eyes are perfect to me
And your nose is the cutest thing
You mean so much to me
You talk to my friend
I guess because she looks better than me
But its cool
Because in the end
She shows no signs of maturity
I don't think you notice your internal beauty
Because you're too focused on who's looking at your booty
Every night i look in the stars and i see
A beautiful You looking back at me
I respect you enough not to hurt you
I would die before I hurt you
Put that on my life like a vow or a virtue
I know i play a lot
But baby you got to understand
Your true beauty is what's in side
Not your looks
That's just me telling you
What's the right thing
What is true beauty
When i look you in the eye
I see hurt
I see pain
You have animosity against
Whoever started you on this game
But I can hive you what i got
And that's my word and my love
That i hope you will never drop
Giving you what you want is not what you deserve
Not if you want to know what true love is
But true love is You

Love, Me

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