what a day

April 16, 2012
By Anonymous

9 months of atrocious mood swings, random food cravings and sleepless nights
Hoping for a Christmas baby, but
Christmas came and went and the present they had been waiting for still had not arrived
But the day had finally come when I was to be born
Not knowing what was going to happen that day
My mom attended her last doctors appointment with her mom
The doctor overjoyed with excitement announced to them, that
It was time to go to the hospital
My mom frantically called my dad who was at work
When he received the call he was stunned and in disbelief, that
They day he had been waiting for was about to occur and
He was realizing his life from now would be changed forever
My dad sped home to let out the dogs and then rushed to the hospital
Upon arriving he found my mom already in a room waiting
Minutes felt like hours as they waited and waited
10 hours had past and still nothing
As my mom said“ I was being stubborn and I was just too comfortable to come”
Another 10 hours passed which had felt like an eternity and the doctor,
decided that after 20 hours of exhausting and gruesome labor pains,
the time had come
She was rolled into the operating room with two nurses,two doctors and my dad all congregated together in a room
My mom was sedated and was in and out of consciousness for the next few minutes Topic of conversation went to the extreme
Football, fishing and basketball were the highlights
My mom was telling them to focus on the task at hand
Realizing my mom was an interior designer, one of the doctors who was her client proceeded to ask her questions
My mom was barely coherent and did not have energy to answer questions
They quickly got the hint to stop asking questions and focused on what was going on
within a few moments I was born
A healthy 9Ib baby girl whose name was to be Erikka Taylor
My grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins all sat in the waiting room
anxious for the news, they were exuberant when they heard i was finally born
After months and months of waiting they could not wait to see me
I was placed in the nursery where all the babies went after they were born
My mom paranoid they might mix me up with another baby made my dad follow the nurse to the room
Finally my parents could relax and embrace the fact they now had a new baby
The day my parents have waited for had finally arrived
9 months of anticipation had come and gone and
from then on the next story was to begin..

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