Strength to Live

April 16, 2012
Walking towards the edge of the water,
I see waves crashing into the sand
each indistinguishable from
the other. They all look
The exact same,
despite my close proximity.
The ocean will remember none of them;
and the Earth will not remember me.
And yet, I am drawn to keep going.

The icy water's sharp tongue
licks my exposed toes
as the wind bites my sensitive nose.
One strong breeze after another
tries to knock me over,
and I struggle to continue on.
When I feel as if I cannot,
I continue on.

I see my reflection
in a small tide pool.
Warped by waves
as familiar as a strangers
who’s face is this,
in place of mine?
This face cannot be mine
for it is the face of a coward and that,
I will not allow myself to be because
in the end I must,
continue on.

When it feels as if
all hope is lost,
the sun slowly peeks over the horizon,
warming the breeze and the water
until their touches are no longer sharp,
but gentle.
With the sun,
my determination and my courage return,
and I continue on.

I return home with a strength
to continue to wake up,
every single morning,
no matter what obstacle
I may encounter.
Whether the weather be
bright and sunny
or overcast and cloudy
I will always continue on.

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