April 16, 2012
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It swarms through me
Threatening to overtake me
It races through every vein in my body
Compelling me succumb to it
Making me listen to it
And demanding I act as one with it
Seducing me into vengeance
Urging me to put those around me into misery
And forcing me to hate myself
It flows in my bloodstream
Poisoning my every move
Causing me to be a person that is truly a demon
If not the Devil
It coils itself around my bones
Commanding me to destroy everything around me
Driving me to injure those close to me
And to damage other peoples’ private property
It intoxicates my tongue
Coaxing me to manipulate others around me
Dragging them into hardships
That they don’t deserve
And then it sprints into my mind
Poisoning all my thoughts
Pressing me to think the worst of everyone
And then it reaches where it has wanted to go the whole time
It has grasped my heart
Its final destination
It turns my heart to an icy shard

Forcing me to blatantly ignore others’ emotion
And to unashamedly ignore all my own emotions
It now has captured my whole body turning me into a monster
Coercing me to act like the Devil
I have been captured
It has won
It has triumphed
And I am as good as dead

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