this love was a lie

April 16, 2012
These moments when we are lost
Unsure which way to go
We share a kiss, a simple thought
With someone we don’t know
Love is stolen, and love is broken
This heart is aching cold
We give and we take forever as one
This will never grow old
I feel as though I could lie in your arms
For all eternity
And find nowhere else to go, and then
You turned to me
With a sad look in your eyes, saying
Its time to move on
I stare, uncomprehending, as you walk
And let the truth dawn
You never loved, you never fell
You never had to cry
Over a broken heart or fallen smile
This love was all a lie
I fell for it, this thing called love
And it stung me in my heart
I bled I cried, because you know
Somehow you fit the part
So perfectly I watched you become
My prince charming
I let you love and let you live
While you were building an army
An army to fight, to steal my heart
You think that you’ll win
But now I’m stronger, and you should know
That I’m not giving in

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Feb. 25, 2013 at 11:04 am
I can relate to this completely.....great job.
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