apocalypse part I

April 10, 2012
its cold as ice in here
inside this soulless corpse
death has never felt so near
as now when my life warps

the numbness doesn't last
within this ghostly shell
pain returns from past
a haunting echo of hell

i hope i enhance the chill of dawn
its satan i seek to appease
i need to kill, my soul has gone
i'll cause their agonized pleas

these violent urges capture me
these evil deeds empower
free this mad insanity
and feel the world grow dour

i'll light her funeral pyre
with disrespectful glee
roast her! cook her! fry her!
and make some baked for me

c*** the gun, fire twice
victory in my slaughter
and for the devil's sacrifice
cut throats of sons and daughters

my molotov cocktails flare
burning beauty i despise
thick black smoke fills the air
and i laugh as everyone dies

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