The horse of May.

April 9, 2012
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My world became a dark place. The people I thought I knew, revealed the inner soul of they're mask. I couldn't stay in that place. I couldn't hear they're horrible words again. I know its all wrong and I must leave this place. SO I ran. I ran as fast as I could in til I found her. Her coat? Black, sleek, beautiful and shiny. The Sounds of her whinny? Like she knew I was coming and had been waiting for a thousand years. The sound of each step she took closer to me. The way she look at me as she fleet through her approach. I wasn't scared and I knew she wasn't either. SO witch out another thought, I took the rains over her head and got on her tall back.
The seat was comfortable, her neck looked even longer with her head held high tensing at the horizon. Before I knew it we we're running. Running faster then I've ever ran on a horse before. Its almost like she lifted her legs higher with each beat. Like she was in no hurry to slow down. Like she had something she was running from as well. The warm breezed air whipped at my hair almost as freely as it did her long, black Maine. Every Time her hooves hit the ground, it charmed through my ears, til it became a rhythm. Like she was dancing. The most Beautiful song I ever heard. Every muscle in her body was tensing with every step. A dead gallop had never felt so smooth. I knew, things would be better from now on. I knew, I would never go back. I knew, I couldn't. And The thing I knew, the most was I was completely taken by a Horse named May.

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