Playing the Harp, Playing the Heart

April 14, 2012
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They bend before me.
You lie before them.
They dance before you.
You forget all that was before.

You watch them.
Your broken gaze twitches,
As I bend them.
Bend them till they scream.
Scream a song.
Each note unwillingly.

My tongue creeps out
dipping between the strings.
Your heart cringes,
as my blood slips down the strings.
Each drop clinging to them.
Tainting them
into a deep crimson.

I bend the strings again
,splitting the drops of blood,
Splattering drops across your face.

I cackle in laughter.
Your ears shiver in horror.

My lips shake once more.
Your ears barely understand.

The taste of the blood burns your tongue.
They sting your cheek.
They singe your hair.

You scream
,but stay frozen,
when my hand creases your face
,smudging the blood across.

The strings stop bending
and so do your veins.
The strings stop screaming
and so do your eyes.
My harp stops
and so does your heart.

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