What I Did Wrong

April 13, 2012
By Anonymous

I wish that you cared.
But I know that you don't.
That's what's amazing about you.
You can be friends with someone, and then leave them, without a second thought.

Leaving me wondering
What I Did Wrong

Did I get old?
I'm actually younger than you.
Am I not pretty enough?
You never cared before.
But now,
since you have a girlfriend,
things are different.
You have no time
you are too busy hanging out
with cooler people.
Better people.
Funnier people.

Leaving me wondering
What I Did Wrong

I wish you cared enough to call me back.
Or at least have one weekend
no - day
no - minute
when you will tell me
that I am not forgotten.
My friends tell me to get over it. That you're not worth it.
But I thought we were friends, which

Leaves me wondering
What I Did Wrong.

And I shouldn't care.
You had done this to others, but
I thought I was different.
I thought I was special.

Leaving me wondering,
What I Did Wrong

I was stupid.
I knew this was coming.
I had to grow old sometime.
But i don't feel old, I feel
and helpless
and missing my best friend

Leaving me wondering
What I Did Wrong

The author's comments:
My really poor poetry (not normally my preferred writing style), yet it was bugging me until I wrote it down. A girl talking about a guy (just a friend, nothing more).

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