Someone To Take My Place

April 13, 2012
By Anonymous

You know the feeling when...
you don't know what you're supposed to do,
or who you're supposed to be,
or why you're even here at all?
That feeling that just makes you wonder,
"What would it be like if I wasn't here at all?"

I know that feeling,
I know it all to well.
I know that question.
Yeah, I know it.

It runs through my mind all day, every day.
It runs through my mind a little too much, if you ask me.

Is there something wrong with me?
Is it normal for people to feel this way?
As though they belong no where?
As though no one cares?
To feel...

It scares me,
this feeling,
these thoughts.
It makes me really think...

What would happen if I died?
Who would care?
Would anyone really, truely be devastated?

Someone else would just take my place
and I would be pushed to the back of their minds.

My friends have other, better friends.
My parents have other children.
My aunts and uncles have other neices.
My grandparents have other grandchildren.

My teachers have other students.
My coaches have other players.
There are other girls.

It's not like I have any real imporance.
It's not like I'm anyone special.
There's always someone else to take my place...

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