Memory Lane

April 8, 2012
By DakotaKirbyDurbin SILVER, Methuen, Massachusetts
DakotaKirbyDurbin SILVER, Methuen, Massachusetts
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I know of a place where everyone goes,
At one point in their life.
Everything winds up there,
From happiness to strife.
It’s a place that has your deepest,
You can hide them away,
But they’ll always come back to play.
I personally think it’s quite a pain,
When I find myself walking down that damned memory lane.

It’s not a place you plan to go for a trip.
In fact, I only wind up there when I’m losing my grip.
It’s alluring to recall a memory,
An experience or an old forgotten tale.
Looking back at your life never gets stale.
An old beggar has nothing on his back,
But his clothes and memories which you never lack.
Don’t ever waste a day,
Cause those actions will always stay.
From every good deed,
To any evil acts of greed.

The human brain can store it all,
Sometimes looking back you can have a ball.
Like good times with your friends or your first kiss.
These times you’ll always miss.
But then there are the bullies, the breakups and the lost friends too.
But what are you gonna do!?
What’s done is done.
You can’t cry over spilled milk.
Even though sometimes I shed a tear,
Over that girl that never got to be my sweet dear.

It’s important not to get caught up in the past.
Because it’s never gonna last!
The future is always around the corner so don’t be a mourner.
Learn from your past mistakes,
Don’t play everything at such high stakes.
Relax and do the best you can,
Up ahead you have your whole life span.
There’s always new experiences to have,
New places to be,
New people to meet.
You just have to get up and use your feet.

When I am lying on my death bed,
I can only imagine the thoughts that’ll go through my head.
The images will be sweet and sour,
But I don’t wanna feel bad on my final hour.
I want the good to outweigh the evil,
To make it more pleasant for my memory retrieval.
I just don’t want it to be a pain.
When I’m walking down that damned memory lane.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the thoughts (of joy and sorrow) that come along with old memories. Memories can never be erased, they hold onto what was...

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