April 8, 2012
By nowritersblock SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
nowritersblock SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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“Society killed the teen,”
They said.
She was insulted.
Her confidence was slashed with the sword of a bitter mouth.
He was pressured.
His esteem was pressed down with the push of a jealous hand.

“Your teeth are too crooked.”
She stopped smiling, the lights danced away from her once bright eyes.
“Lose some baby fat.”
She stopped eating; her rosy cheeks became pale and sunken.
“You have no talents.”
She rose a shaking hand, tired of everything,
and stopped living.

“You’re not muscular enough.”
He stopped doing what he loved and joined the wrestling team.
“You’re too short.”
He spent all day and all night trying to get taller,
instead of painting, which was his dream.
“Nobody will ever like you.”
He stopped being himself, trying to please everyone,
Even though he knew that he couldn’t please everyone.

No mouths opened,
To tell them that they were
Flawless, marvelous, valuable.
“Society killed the teen,”
You said, clenching your hands into fists.
But you are part of society.

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