Carpe Diem

April 7, 2012
By xmisschelly BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
xmisschelly BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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Carpe Diem means walking the walk;
Not caring about what people think
Standing straight without a blink
It’s your moment now, your moment to shine
I know that you’re going to do just fine
Don’t let anyone bring you down
Instead, gather the world from all around

Carpe Diem means to experience something extraordinary;
Whether it’s wanting to walk on the moon
Or of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon
Sometimes when you want to jump and fly
Remember to reach out your hand and soar high
Take a chance and run
The finish line is almost there, to number one

Carpe Diem means to hope and to love;
Reach your arms to a sweet embrace
This is the feeling I’ll never want to replace
Always in my soul, always in my heart
Forever will never be apart
You help get through my day
Thank you is all I want to finally say

The author's comments:
When I wrote this poem, I was thinking of English class and the movie "Dead Poet Society". Then, I was inspired to write a poem about Carpe Diem.

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