Silent Symphony

April 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Everybody has a song,
Or a simple rhyme,
Of who they are inside
Changing with them,
Always taking a new course,
But my song is at a standstill,
The notes speak my sorrow,
Each pitch has the same message,
The orchestra plays in my mind,
Whispering in the dark,
Broken, broken,
The vocals chant my story,
The losses,
The abuse,
How I feel inside,
Emotions pour out with every word,
Filling the room with sadness,
But no one can hear it,
I want it to stop,
To leave me like before,
But this song has no end in sight,
No silver lining amongst the blackness,
It is a broken record,
Repeating over and over again inside me,
With no stopping or pause,
This seems to be my song,
Now part of me,
My heart strings now play,
The silent symphony of pain.

The author's comments:
This is not personal, I just thought of the last line and i wanted to put it into a poem.

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