Queen of Faces

April 7, 2012
By ChristinaC. PLATINUM, Corry, Pennsylvania
ChristinaC. PLATINUM, Corry, Pennsylvania
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I’m the Queen of Faces
None of them are my own.
I hide behind thousands of them
So my true feelings don’t show.
I wear a mask each day
From when I wake up to when I go to sleep
It hides all that’s wrong with me
And hides all the secrets that I keep.
To you I look happy
To you I look like I thrive
Under the mask I’m depressed
Under the mask I wish I wasn’t alive.
Everybody sees what I want them to see
So you don’t always see what’s true
I hide my feelings from everyone
Sadly, even you.
Someday I’ll tell a little truth
Some days I tell a bunch of bull
Some days I’ll tell you nothing
Don’t ask why, my excuse box is full.
It is rare that you won’t see me hiding
Behind a face
It is so rare in fact
My face has all but lost its place.
So I’m the Queen of Faces
My need for them has grown
Because when I look at them
I see everyone’s but my own.

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