I Remember

April 7, 2012
By StarryEyedDreamer BRONZE, Lompoc, California
StarryEyedDreamer BRONZE, Lompoc, California
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I remember all the laughter, smiles, and tears we shared. I remember those countless nights we stayed up all night. I remember us giggling over boys and gossiping about the other girls. I remember those times we fought where we both ended in tears. I remember when you told me you were moving, I cried that day. We were best friends forever, but that changed. Maybe it was my fault but it also hurt all those times you lied to me, those times you made fun of me, and those times when you stole the guy I liked. Maybe it was your fault but I remained angry at you, held a grudge, and ignored you. But I have forgiven you; will it ever be the same? Because to be honest, I miss you so much it hurts. We could have been best friends forever but I just hope our friendship doesn’t come to an end.

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