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April 13, 2012
By towonderland BRONZE, La Canada, California
towonderland BRONZE, La Canada, California
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This teenage generation
Of shiny smiles and delighted eyes
A bunch of overachievers, overthinkers, overlovers
Always tryna stand out from the rest
Don't mess with the best (that's us, we say)
Our minds- filled with such big dreams and goals and ideas that will transform
The world itself
Our hearts- like mansions
Filled with ambitions for the now, the future,
and forever
A restless group of boys and girls
We won't sit around doing nothing,
Waiting for the beauty of life to find us
No, we'll go discover the world
On our own
And if we don't find the wonderland we're looking for
Then hey, we'll make our own utopia of perfect peace
Youth isn't wasted on these kids- oh no, not us
So full of music, of laughter, of love

This teenage generation
Of papercut hearts and bloodshot eyes
We cut away at each other's souls
With sharp verbal knives and lies
Never will we be cool enough
Or pretty enough or smart enough or thin enough or fun enough
Or good enough
We step into the world anyway
Just grin, laugh, and nod; they'll never know-
That the person right beside them is broken,
So broken.
Like a vase flung across the kitchen
Into millions of pieces on the cold tile floor
Moods ride up&down, up&down
Blowing up at the people we love, tearing them up
Like unwanted shreds of paper
And in our hearts we say
"I'm sorry, I don't mean the things I say"
But we've gotten used to this:
Crying ourselves to sleep
For the hope, innocence, purity, and bliss that ceased to be

And then we're drowning- ever so slowly
Into this black hole of fear, desperation, and tears

Pay attention to the teenage generation.

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