Cute Dinner

April 13, 2012
By goaty GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
goaty GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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They come into the world weak, wet and wondering

From the darkness of an enclosed space

To the open to a bright new world

Like a bird freed from a cage

Soon dry and trying to stand

Like a drunk man walking

But soon steady on their feet

Little, cute, loved

They run and jump

Getting used to their new skin

Like a teens first time behind the wheel

Playing with others also new to this world

Butting heads and running around the older does

Mothers guarding them from dangers

Little, cute, loved

When feeding time rolls along

They fly over to eat all they can

Only to be stopped by older kids

Like bullies on a playground

Pushing around the younger ones

Finally they lay down full and warm

to wake up the next day and play

Little, cute, loved

Baby goats they are

But dinner they soon will be

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