The Fire Inside

April 13, 2012
I hear my breath whisper to me,
Telling of what my life could be.
It is a flicker, a chance, a hope-
My hands cannot manage such a frail rope.

She travels the world in shadows and rain,
Eyes of hers screaming in memory and pain.
Slowly she tells me of what she has lost,
Quickly she tells me of what it will cost.

"Who you are now and who you will be-
Simply two sides of one reality.
Hush now and listen, for the time will draw nigh
Choose to be living or simply survive."

The silence speaks, and says I'm alone
But why does my heart loudly let out a moan?
Surely my goal is only survive,
What point is there in being alive?

But words in her eyes haunt me at night,
Suddenly I long to put up a fight.
I will live and I will survive,
Words of my heart lit the fire inside.

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