If You Were a. . . .

April 9, 2012
If you were an artist, could I be your painting with just the right curves and beauty? If you were a musician, could I be your ballad with music that would bring me to tears? If you were a writer, could I be your words of inspiration? If you were a heart, could I be your lively thumping beat? If you were a pair of feet, could I be the walk you make? If you were lungs, could I be the air you breathed? If you were soft smooth skin, could I be the one to touch you? If you were a hand, could I be the one you hold onto forever more? If you were spring, could I be your flowers? If you were the sky, could I be your bright yellow sun? If you were the ocean, could I be your waves? If you were nature, could I be your purity? If you were time, could I be the one to slow you down? If you were happiness, could I be your smile and laughter? If you were a journey, could I be your destination? If you were a lover, could I be your one love who is most passionate? If you were a man, could I be your perfect woman? If you were a lifetime, could I be the one you spend it with?

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