Do You Remember?

April 11, 2012
By Taylor_Chidester SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
Taylor_Chidester SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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Do you remember
when we lived in peace and comfort?
When we weren’t struggling?
I miss those times.

Do you remember
when I had a bedroom?
When I got to sleep on my bed and not a futon?
I miss my bed.

Do you remember
when we lived
for our Sunday movie nights?
When we didn’t fight at all?

I miss you…
just being you.

I know,
that you’re stronger
than who you are
at this moment in time.

I know,
that you will pull it together soon.

I know,
that no matter what,
I will always love you mama.

I will be strong
and brave,
for the both of us.

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