Over coming something this isn’t

April 11, 2012
By SummerXD SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
SummerXD SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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Danger is everywhere you look
Courage is strength to over come
Offerings always asked
Leads you into shock
Risking it all
Bravery is many examples for this.

Bravery equals reward
Avoiding danger
Risking is mandatory
Courage comes from with in
Shock can be an after affect
Offerings that are made.

Offerings that are taken
Bravery comes from with in
Shocked not knowing what to think
Danger can be accepted
Courage is to stand up
Others want to risk everything.

Risk is a challenge
Domains many offerings
Courage makes you be who you wan tot be
Bravery is hard to be
Danger always in the DARK
Don’t know what to think after shock comes into play.

We are all shocked by what we really see
Risk can be for everything
Danger in many forms
Spoken out offerings
Bravery can have buts…
Courage is not caring for what’s going to happen.

Courage can have consequences
Shock refers to scared
Can we all over come to have somewhat of bravery
Risking what you want near and dear to your heart
Offerings that are given
Danger is little, always there

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