A Sestina for Courage

April 11, 2012
Bravery is more
than courage, it’s the willingness
to take a risk.
Its reward
is being able to
so we can take a stand.

Taking a stand
isn’t about bravery,
it’s knowing that we can survive.
Having courage
is the reward for
taking a risk.

When we take a risk,
we are taking a stand.
Sometimes we get a reward
for our bravery.
we’re lucky to have courage
because we need it to survive.

To survive is
to take a risk.
It takes courage to
take a stand.
Bravery is its
own reward.

Reward yourself:
Survive the impossible
with bravery above all else.
Take calculated risks
and stand strong
with courage.

Having courage
is a reward to you.
When you’re taking a stand
you’re fighting to survive.
Take a risk
and have bravery.

Bravery and courage are pretty much the same.
By taking risks you are somehow rewarded.
If you want to survive you have to take a stand.

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