I Forgive With a Furnace

April 11, 2012
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There are many out there
Who aren’t very smart.
They anger me greatly
With their ignorant remarks.

But I am reasonable.
I make the anger go away.
In fact, just recently
I forgave the man with the toupee.

Two weeks back, it happened.
A fish, Giovanni threw
Right in my face,
But I forgave and started off new.

To be forgiven,
A process, one must undergo,
And so he was invited
To my party as a bro.

He arrived, and I was pleased.
“Thanks for the invite.
Sorry for the fish,”
He sounded so bright.

“You are forgiven,”
I lied with a smirk,
And we went to the furnace
Through all the murk.

When we got to the furnace room,
He looked at me and asked,
“Where’s everyone else?”
“Oh, they’ll be here fast.”

This was another lie.
They weren’t ever arriving,
I just needed him
For an important depriving.

So I quickly asked him
To help load the furnace.
He did so willingly
To show off his sternness.

I let him do the work,
And when he had loaded it all,
I went into action.
I sent him a call.

“There’s no party!”
I screamed with delight
And, like lightning, launched him outside
Into the cold, lurking night.

I bet you thought me a psychopath,
Into furnaces, shoving guys,
But I’d never make another man
Meet his demise.

I’m not crazy.
I just needed revenge,
So I had him do a chore.
That’s how I avenge.

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