Psyche v. Lucifer

April 9, 2012
An iniquitous soul on trial
sitting in judgement.

"She's innocent!" I cry.

The room is close and hot,
refusing to hear my voice among the thousands of prosecutors,
bullying to bring forth their false accusations and hear-says.
The defense attorney says his piece,
his evidence is flawless and

My anxious pleas resume.

Not a single ear hears
Not one mind is swayed
the prosecution continues to lie
....and cheat and fake
....and convince
The judge - oh - the horrible grinning judge
He bangs his gavel the torrent of aspersions

the lord of the Earth cries
Guilty of murder, of adultery, slander, gossip and coveting...
of hate, idol-worship, lust, false testimony and gluttony.

And the church shakes its solemn withering head at me as I walk away,

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