Forever and Always

April 9, 2012
Force field of memories kept me out
I go upstairs but never to that side
The door is always shut
Never to be opened again
Apathetic and cautious I step closer to the other side

Like a greaser dancing between the boundary lines
Like an outsider I’m taking a chance
Crossing the line may hurt me again
Contemplating if I really want to cross

The door opens
I walk in
I see the bed you fell from
The place she tried to bring you back to life
The place you now sit

The flag, bullets, and the fake jewelry box
Dresser holds your weight
I just want to do my job and
Get out
Quickly pile the boxes in the closet
Like a brick wall keeping you in

Force field gets sealed once more
One thing is for sure
I never want to dance between those boundary lines again

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