Cackle, Grackle.

April 9, 2012
Grackle, Grackle!
Crackle, crackle!
Shimmering head,
color of green beetles,
coal-black body,
smooth and sleek.
Grackle, Grackle!
Grandma calls you a dirty bird.
I don't know.
Dirty bird?
Pretty bird!
Emerald head,
onyx body.
A bejeweled feathered friend.
Each feather a priceless treasure.
Treasure feathers.
Grackle, cackle.
Your voice is harsh
But outside is true.
Cackle, Grackle!
Treasure feathers.
Fly true,
Harsh cuckoo.
True Cuckoo.
Blue Cuckoo.
Cackle, Grackle!
Treasure feathers
True Blue Cuckoo.
Grackle, Grackle!
Cackle, cackle.

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