Letters to God: My Apology

April 9, 2012
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So it begins. The battle of life
for the unknown.
A race to the finish line. To be
a king with a throne.
A key to a door to a place to a
world of my own.
Greener pastures similar to
my nightmares alone.
A place so perfect, its scary.
Chills to the bone.
Hell is what you make it,
right? Won't you condone?
Call it a blasphemy like a
toddler holding a condom?
A mother judged for the death
of her kids. Where did this come from?
Where did such demon
originate to create such destruction.?
I bet God never imagined
such repercussions.
Can u seriously tell me,
He envisioned all the fightin and cussin?
Created a system called divorce,
enjoys all the fussin?
Forced sex has a definition,
surpassed all levels of lustin?
Breaking news! Terrorism strikes
again. Is that really just in??
Monopoly is no longer a game,
its life, must win?
America runs the world,
other nations can rust then.
Not a typo. Rust as in grow
old and soggy, nasty and im sorry.
God I truly am. i apologize in
behalf of humanity.
Your experiment gone wrong,
turned into insanity.
made unto your image
we've turned it into vanity.
Our freedom of choice,
shaken to inprison me.
I'm sorry God. This wasn't
what it was meant to be.
On behalf of humanity.
Sincerely, me.

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