In the Dark They Wait

April 11, 2012
I jolt awake,
My head full of fear and confusion.
But the nightmare escapes.
A light layer of sweat coats my skin and I wait,
My heartbeat begins to slow and my breathing ceases its crazed pace.

Slowly I rise from my warm, comfortable bed.
I walk like a slug towards my kitchen and grab a glass,
Not bothering to flick on the lights in my laze.
From the fridge I pull the chilled pitcher of water and pour my glass half full.

I gulp the glass with relief,
Loving the feel of the water sliding down my throat deliciously.

Figuring I can take care of the glass tomorrow,
I walk a little quicker than I had before.
Something in the dark raises the hairs on my neck.
I slip back under my covers and fall asleep quickly.

Little do I know,
Something waits in the dark,
Something waits for me.

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