Remember when

April 11, 2012
By SierraHancuff SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
SierraHancuff SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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Remember when we were little, when nothing seemed to matter?
Remember when we would wake up to cartoons instead of school?
Remember when the only kind of drama in life was;

“she stole my toy,” or

“she hit me,” or

“she won’t share…”?
Remember when we would waste the day away playing outside?
Remember when we hoped and dreamed of all the possibilities we always wanted?
Remember when we wanted to be a;




Construction worker, or

Singer, when we were older?
Remember when we would put up a lemonade stand to earn a couple of dollars for fun?
Remember when we couldn’t wait to grow up? Bun now we just want to be young again.
Remember when we could act ourselves and not care what others think? But that’s all we ever think about now.
Remember when we liked to be around our family? But all we want now is to get away.
Remember when everything seemed, right?
Remember when things used to be easy?

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