6 feet under

April 11, 2012
By sandman16k SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
sandman16k SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"It's not who you want to be that defines you. It's you are."

-My Father

We get shipped out to a country no body has ever heard of.
With your Staff Sergeant sitting right next to you,
And you can tell that he’s seen war,
Your heart sinks a little not knowing what to expect.

You set foot on the dust and dirt of your enemies’ backyard.
We huddle to find a flank.
Heart pumping, sweat pumps like bullets.
A sheer mental break down is on the horizon.

Strangling the grip of your rifle because it’s your lifeline.
The last thing that goes through your head is, “Did I pay the bills? Did I read that last bed time story? Did I say that final ‘I love you’?”
Late at night, when you’ve set up camp, it’s hard not to think about the fear of you and the others in your squad.

Your hands and lips tremble like your legs would when you were a kid
Just before you jump into a pool 6 feet under.
6 feet under…
The one and only thought that stays in your head no matter what you think about.

You think you know war from the video games but in the end, the difference between being a War Hero and just another grunt is doing the unthinkable.
Sometimes the unthinkable is just sitting there and sometimes it is to stop the gushing blood of your fallen comrade who was just hit by the enemy.

6 feet under…

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