Shot in the Dark

April 11, 2012
By seaboundheroesdaughter GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
seaboundheroesdaughter GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
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you've said i'm incapable of passion.
yet you look for it
as you would show it-
not the quiet, slow flame,
hidden deep in me.
you've said i'm not
that i'm stuck in my ways,
though i'm changing(partially for you)all the time.
you've said i'm coldhearted-i don't feel-
that's because you don't see,
that my slow
is the equivalent of
you're ringing laugh.
you've said i don't know love:
that i never will
because, you say, i don't
see the possibility in
you, you
just don't see them in
perhaps its best then, that
you've gone your way
and i've gone mine
for given the oppurtunity you can't see
the possibilities brimming just beneath
the surface of Us.
you never will.

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