Conundrums of a High Schooler

April 9, 2012
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I wish I could burn all my homework
but then I would fail my classes.
I wish I could sleep all day
but then I would have no friends.
I wish I could wear feathers and glitter to school everyday
but then people would look at me funny.
I wish I didn’t spend all my free time playing soccer
but then I would miss soccer.
I wish I had signed up for easier classes
but then I wouldn’t be learning all that I am.
I wish I could play school volleyball
but then I couldn’t play school soccer.
I wish I could eat pizza and ice cream all day
but then I would get very large very fast.
I wish I could invent a laptop never died
but then I would be a billionaire
Wait. That’s a good thing..
I wish I could make it all work at once.
But then I would be a Superhuman.
These are the conundrums of a high schooler.

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