Vision This

April 9, 2012
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A light melody, harmonizing with your soul.
Taking control and running you through heavenly fields.
Twirls, twists, even spirals of vivid colors
Dance behind your eyes.

The sound ringing through your ears suddenly cause fear.
Sharp, quick low notes jump at you.
Your heart beats scatter, rising up and down.
Like riding a roller coaster that’s bound to crash in a matter of minutes.

The frightening sounds cease and tension wreaks the air.
Anxious for the horrifying sounds to begin again.
A piano accompanied by a violin starts to play a quick, fast paced tune
That makes you want to leap out of your seat.
Elaborate, yet simple. Timid, but intimate.

Suddenly! It stops. Comes to a screeching hault.
Your roller coaster has ended.
You are left hanging on a cliff, yearning for more.
Your heart beat steadies,
Your mind wanders through the World of Music.

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