O Powerful Sun

April 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Pouring rain as homework is completed at the last minute
Stress has but no breaks during this arduous year, not even one
And the second you wake up, there are pressing concerns about Not only this day, the next day, and next week, but about the future
Day after day, the same routine, as the waves roll in and back out
As time develops, you aren’t even aware of the somber situation
But this morning, instead of waking to the deafening sound of Pounding rain beating upon the ground, rays of sunshine let you Rise calmly and naturally, as if you aren’t required to rise at all
Birds chirp in tune one by one, as they praise the sun for its beauty
The crystal clear snow peaked mountains are charming goddesses Who seek to marry the rich, golden, and charming, Prince Sun
On the outside, the Evergreens are in awe, as they stare without Making a single sound, but deep down, feelings of love are rooted inside their hearts, even though the sun is on another level
The crows whisper in hushed tones to one another, all the while too embarrassed to admit that the sun does look more charming than they themselves had or would look in their lifetime, at least
Its power turns odds to ends, as foes change rapidly to friends
Everyone puts the past behind them for this one day, as if nothing
Else matters for now, except soaking up the sun before it departs
Nothing exciting must take place for you to enjoy your time today
Because just staring at the glowing face of the sun can satisfy you
Time loses touch with you, and shock hits when you reunite with it
However much you want the sun to stand still, it will not heed you
The sun is tired, and its last task is to restore power to the West
Although the sun departs too soon for you to withstand, it will be Back eventually, when you need it to carry you out of an abyss
Well the end is finally here, after all of the joy is brought into life
But although the end is here, we know that the energy never dies

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