The Meadow

April 8, 2012
By MParry BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
MParry BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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A meadow of wildflowers
edged with a forest of great redwoods
I have no fear of what could lurk beyond
because the warm air coddles me with the silent security of a baby blanket
Sunbeams gently grasp my face
Until a chilled breeze pulls me out of my trance
into a refreshing hug
I fall back into the grasses
the billows of my dress catch the wind and let me drift slowly to the ground
My eyes see limits but my mind is free to roam
My nose inhales the minuscule particles of Mother Nature at her finest
Rose, Lavender and Vanilla are discerned easily
but I also find something harder to name
I open my eyes to an expanse of blue sky
I find myself finger painting with the clouds
coaxing them into the emotions my heart doesn't know how to put into words
My ears hear birds and soft melancholy piano music
The music reminds me of the pain I am free from
I desire to scribble the composition on paper so I can never forget
but my heart knows it will never leave this song behind

I wish to stay here forever
but I know I must go
because this song will be over before too long
and my inspiration will pass
and I will return to life
Return to millions of people
feeling lonely, yet never alone
Finding reasons to hate each other

I just wish I could play them my song

Maybe someday I will.

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