Oh Bell Tower, Lift my Spirit

April 8, 2012
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Above my head the sky is clear, open,
But as the strong winds engulf me
It reminds me of why I’m here.
I stare up at this magnificent steel tower
With its tolling bells,
Tolling at those dreadful times.
I see bright poinsettias left by fellow mourners,
And withered roses rotting away.
The grass in front of the plaques is flat,
Pressed down by so many knees and feet;
Although, it remains such a luscious green.
Tears begin to roll down my cheeks;
I shed these tears for all of you,
All of you lost on that dreadful day.
Yet, I smile at the working bees,
They fill the bushes with so much life
In this place so heavy with death.

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