break down

April 8, 2012
By , santee, CA
and finally i broke.
enough was finally enough.
i cant even be here because i feel like dying.
i cant write because of you.
im glad youre cancer free but go to he**.
i cant stand you being home.
you wonder why im always in my room its because i cant stand being around you.
your presence annoys me.
you were barely around through my childhood and you expect me to now open up to you?
youre my father but youre a complete a**h***.
you dont know how to be a parent.
yes i know my generation if screwed up im suppose to hate my parents because they dont understand me.
no .
i just simply cant stand you.
you dont know how to be a father because your father wasnt in your life.
i can honestly say i hope me and my husband are nothing like you and mom.
im going to support my kids and not put them down.
they deserve for me to be a good mom.
im never going to work as much as you did.
youre horrible.
you know d*** well when i was little and you worked late at the office you were with Patricia.
yeah dad i know all about her.
i knew you two had a VERY close relationship.
i was 4 dad, i wasnt stupid.
when you came home all you did was leave me an envelope filled with money.
me and my brother didnt need your money we were 4 and 12 we needed love.
you tried to buy yourself into our lives.
you raised by going to disneyland whenever i wanted and bought me whatever i wanted.
you spoiled me and now that you cant anymore you try and give me love?

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