Mrs. Maleficent

April 11, 2012
By CrAzY_sHrOoMz BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
CrAzY_sHrOoMz BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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We all watch you,
As you walk through your wonderful world of authority.
Your eyes captivating
Your voice just as luring.
You sell Cinderella stories for prices of lives.
Yet you make it all seem so easy.
I can see the pain and stress in your eyes
Like black holes in the sky.

It seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind.
Countless rude comments,
Fake promises, and
Hypocritical remarks leave your murderous smile.
Leaving the world completely fooled.
Did you hide yourself away once?

Is that why you’re so strict on all your rules,
So fake to the world?
Did you finally find a place above the shadows
So the world will never know?
Are you afraid that they will see you like I do?
You should be happy to know…
The world will never know you like I do.

You are different when you are alone.
You sit in your room,
And realize that your life has passed you by.
You have pushed us away from you
As if we were the plague.
Your books you read are your only interests
And you’re always afraid that if you put it down,
You’re going to get lost in the real world.

I wish you knew that expressing your feelings was ok,
That making the world see you for
Who you really are is acceptable.
But lost is what you will be,
Until the light shines through your darkness.
But don’t worry, even in a dark forest,
Where the trees block all the light, there are shadows.
And you should never fear the shadows,
For they simply means that there is light nearby.

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