Unconventional Friendship

April 7, 2012
It's not like anyone expected it
because lets face it
who would expect them
to become friends

she's the quiet
who always does her work

he's the over-loud
who is constantly getting in trouble

but – but – but
they're not complete opposites
despite appearances

they both love to
and they absolutely adore
insulting people

and she's already gotten over
the embarrassment from
his flirting

of course that probably
has more to do with
the itty bitty fact
that she loves the feeling
of her hand in his

they're not a
conventional friendship

they insult each other
too much
and sometimes they physically
hurt one another

but they'd never actually
to cause each other
real pain

and they're really
quite beautiful
when they're together

because they really do
love each other

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