Give In

April 7, 2012
By Rachel Friesen GOLD, Gladwin, Michigan
Rachel Friesen GOLD, Gladwin, Michigan
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She felt the hope falling like lead in her gut
Cutting and scraping, and churning within
Their weights pull her down
And she’s just struggling

It’s just everything looks like a mess
She failed the exam, and she’s cutting again
Her boyfriend only likes her less
She must be struggling but she won’t give in

There’s just more lessons to learn
It’s her mom and her dad
She loved them so bad
One mistake and they’re found
Not living, but dead
She’s crying, don’t give in…

Now the rain is like lead
Falling down on her head
And the sun is like fire
Burning deep on her skin
No, she’s not giving in

The darkness has got her
She’s coughing and hacking
And it might even win
The darkness grabs her hand
Pulls her down, the struggle is all she can stand

But will she try again?
When God offers his hand?
With no looking back
She’ll get right on track
Though they’re shouting
Just give in

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