April 7, 2012
By Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
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About to cry again, There's nothing new If you only knew
You sit with your friends and can't stand the sight of me
I've gone over this over and over but the pain it still causes me
When I stare, you glare oh how I hate that glare
That glare causes me so much pain, more than you will ever know
You don't understand how far the pain pushes me
I'm standing on the edge looking down wondering if I should jump
I am no where near the top so would it be so bad if I dropped
Everything you do hurts me but the thought of letting go of you
That thought nearly kills me, these thoughts of you
They make me think so many things it's like everything I felt
Can not compare to these feelings
You make me think of happiness,care,love,joy,depression,anger
To me you are everything you are my reality
But it seems I can only make you happy in my dreams
These dreams are to hold you,to be there for you to talk to you,to care about you,to make you happy, to be your one and only
To me you will always be my one and only
To you I will never be more than another fool
I hate reality, that's something we havee in common
You hate the fact of my existence and my thoughts of you
I would not havee a breath in me, if I didn't think of you

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