April 7, 2012
By IncandescentMystery BRONZE, Terrebonne, Oregon
IncandescentMystery BRONZE, Terrebonne, Oregon
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I walk, unknowing
Through a field, the wind lamenting around me.
The grass whispers secrets in a language I cannot understand,
It pulls at my feet, wanting a victim to hear its stories.
I am light, so very light; I do not feel the chill, nor the brushes of stalks,
For I am empty, a shell of a human.
Ravaged by time and trouble, never again to be whole.
I feel my heart convulse, and twist, perhaps wondering
What it has become. All it does now is beat, loud, fast.
My body is light, my mind filled with smoke and ashes,
The opiate of fear has clouded me,
Now I simply am. I walk away,
I run away, and yet I feel nothing.
Somehow I spin, I drop to the ground,
My nose breathes in soil and sand,
Grass scratches at my cheeks.
I cannot move now, and still cannot feel.
My eyes glimpse sky, velvet, dark,
My world swirls around me, forms move and break.
Visions of love, of light. I must be hallucinating.
Dreaming, those nightmares, they always haunt me. Fever, fever.
My head is heavy, my eyelids sink lower,
The battle in my mind, the fight to stay mortal
Has gone, and I have lost.
I give in to the forces of the night.
The music of light.

The author's comments:
After reading Lauren DeStefano's latest novel, 'Fever,' I was inspired by the notion that Rhine was in a trance, due to the amount of opium and smoke around her. I wanted to explore what I feel her experience running away would feel like.

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