Walls of Glass

April 12, 2012
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Walls of glass
The sharpest of edges
Built up upon the white sands
The weakest of foundations
Shattering easily, as to the sound of a whisper, the sting of a word
The glass cuts my feet
It pierces my toes
Blood drips from my skin
As does hope from my soul
I have constructed these walls
Many a time
They should be brought down
Although I reinforce them
Days have passed by
Time has eluded me
Brick by brick my days grow darker
These walls I have built are no longer glass but stone
This possesses problem
For I cannot face my days in darkness
I’d rather not spend my eternity alone
I am sinking, falling fast
Wrapped in a repetition
I find myself here often
These walls around me are terrifying
Although I have constructed all four myself
They hold me back, they keep me hidden
Walls of concrete and brick
Built from the strongest beliefs
Held together by an adhesive of reason
But supported by a foundation of lies
I scream as loud as my voice allows me
As the walls draw in closer
My throat runs dry with fear
I scream until I feel as though my lungs are collapsing
Tears run down my face
I am tired of these walls
The ones that restrain me
No longer can I live this life
As I realize this I am saved
For I open my eyes and these walls are now rubble
The strongest of structures
Can be turned to ash
By the sound of truth
The voice of reason
The touch of understanding
The look from the eyes of forgiveness
Finally I am free to move on
I pick myself up out of the rubble and wreckage, off the ground
I dust myself off
I rid myself of these struggles
I spread my arms in the light
As the hand of hope folds into mine
It is a new day
For these walls are now down

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