Orphan Boy

April 12, 2012
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a little boy,
born into nothing had not one game or toy,
looked to his family but they weren't there,
felt as though they were ashamed of this child like no one could care,
for him life just pasted him by what was worst no one seemed to stop or stare,
as though he was isolated from people,
those feelings evolved into a horrible evil,
when his reign of terror begins,
he laughs at all the screams of women and children its that evil that made him king,
it started off as a simple dream,
but as he was left alone in the dark doing everything he could he would yell and scream,
but yet no one seemed to hear,
the little orphan boy would shed so many tears,
would be haunted by so many fears,
memories of all the time alone all those years,
wondering what he did that could be so wrong,
for everyone to unown the child that grew to be so unloved and everyone was gone,
he grew so hateful and so cold,
so bitter and wouldn't even live to be old,
drugs to relieve the pain,
but his hallucinations would curse him more reminding him he took the name,
that brought him this misery he accepted crane,
sold his soul,
so he wouldn't feel so alone,
he had demons for friends,
but for the price of never having a family again,
so now this orphan boy lays awake at night and gets no rest,
doing everything he can to undo the deal he's doing his best,
but as we know the devil is not one to be messed,
he is warming up to the idea of being evil and crude,
going to hell with all his evil dudes,
the price for company he feels it was worth the risk,
for a life never alone but never imagined his skin would be burned and crisped,
he slowly turns deranged,
losing his sanity a little more each day just becoming more enraged,
soon there will be nothing left of that poor little orphan boy all he wanted was a family,
the people who were supposed to love him but now he can't control his anxiety,
his blood burns red,
as he loses a grip on whats real can't even remember the last thing he said,
the war just keeps growing more epic in his head,
if only he hadn't been shunned from people,
he would have never accepted the "gift" from evil,
he prayed and he wished but nothing happened,
he lost his faith gave up everything except learning his new evil accent,
now god looks at him in disgrace,
only way he looks at him self can't even stand to look at his own face,
so he burrys those feelings and returns to his thrown,
as the king he rules no mercy he will show,
when he sees the face of a women sentenced to death,
its his decision although it reminds him of the mother that left him brings up all the memories repressed,
so he puts his thumb down,
and walks away into the dark where he has been his whole life due to people who only showed him a horrid frown,
that's the king though his pain,
no one can understand but still they wonder after they left him alone in the rain,
no longer the name given to him by the family who ran from him he now goes by Crane......

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