The Dark Path

April 12, 2012
By flip9615 SILVER, Hurricane, West Virginia
flip9615 SILVER, Hurricane, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"fear no evil for evil shall fear you"

I was born all alone,
left for myself no one around I grew up looking under every stone,
searching for answers of who I am if I was a mighty soldier or just some replaceable drone,
seemed like I was all alone so my personality I cloned.
Just a normal boy with an imaginary friend,
walking from place to place but by age ten I had the feelings of sorrow again.
Seemed like every home I went everyone saw me as a curse,
I was unwanted and despised for reason I did not know and that fact only made me feel worst,
soon I grew cold and dark that led me to feel no remorse.
An evil inside me pure hatred and darkness,
I gave up on emotions if only I would have realized that it would leave me forever heartless,
nothing but devils and demons of the rawest,
I cared not for any one I became lawless.
Just drifting from place to place my eyes were all black,
all the people I've hurt I never even thought to look back,
its like my reaction was permanently set on attack.
Still I feel no regrets,
after all the only thing I would experience were nothing but rejects.
I was lost in the dark,
all my light was dead that's what set me apart,
from any other villain the one thing everyone had except me was a heart.
little did I know that it wasn't me it was my alter ego,
I had created him for company and to be my hero,
yet my clone soon was a man of his own became so engulfed in evil I lost control.
I did everything from the strongest drugs to the most heinous crimes,
I couldn't stop it no matter how many times,
I tried he turned on me the creator of his life he took over and put me in my demise.
He thought he was better made his own name,
soon everyone was addressing me as Crane.
A name I welcomed with great pride,
knowing all the pain that name would cause I ran to the farthest corner of my mine and cried.
This time like the rest I found myself more alone then ever,
who knew this being was so cunning and clever.
Took on my names for the women he was narcissistic,
for any one that would cross him he was savage it was animalistic,
and yet he would use my rhymes and would always say his arts prolific.
I saw no way out,
I lost myself without a doubt,
it seemed like hell was were I was headed my destination at the end of the route.
As I approached the entrance of the gates,
I knew that just as I had created a demon that knew nothing but hate.
I could create an angel a spirit pure and kind,
little did I know this would spark a never ending internal war but i was so young and so blind.....

The author's comments:
this is the first of a few im working on its more of a story to be told take what you will from this poem but know that no matter how dark you are light exsist in you wiether you choose to admit it is up to you. But know that theres no good place to go if you allow darkness to guid you take it from me keep to the light and fight off darkness.

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